Company Information

Henschen & Associates, Inc., with corporate offices located at 432 West Gypsy Lane Rd., Bowling Green, Ohio was established February 17, 1987 in Wood Co., Ohio. Dedicated to developing software for state and local governments, Henschen & Associates, Inc. is recognized as a leader in court software and has developed systems in the Mayor, Municipal, Common Pleas, Probate and Juvenile Court (Ohio & Michigan) markets. In Addition, our company was selected to develop the Child Support Enforcement Tracking System used in 102 District Courts in Kansas to monitor child support payments. Other software applications developed by Henschen & Associates, Inc. include: Police, Fire, EMS, Building & Zoning, Engineering Department, and Legal Billing. We are an authorized Santa Cruz Operations (SCO) Reseller-Vertical Solutions provider (VSP). Henschen and Associates, Inc. application software can be customized to the agency's specifications. Programs are written in the filePro 16 Plus Database ("C") running on the Windows, Unixware, Unix and Novell operating systems. As of 2016, we count over 190 Courts, Prosecutor's and Probation Offices as clients.

Bud L. Henschen


Mr. Henschen is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and a major in Accounting. Mr. Henschen has ten years of experience as an auditor with the Ohio Department of Transportation and as a public accountant. The combination of Mr. Henschen's auditing background, governmental knowledge and developmental skills enables him to provide courts with excellent audit trails and security. Mr. Henschen has designed and assisted with the development of all of our current applications and in addition, developed a Payroll/Personnel Program (TOPPS) which currently has 131 installations and is marketed by the NCR Corporation, Health Care Sector.


Industry Leader in Government Software

Dedicated to developing software for state and local governments, Henschen & Associates, Inc. is a recognized leader throughout the State of Ohio in Case Management Systems. As of 2016, we count over 190 Courts, Prosecutors and Probation Offices as clients. Our philosophy continues to be to provide the best service at reasonable pricing including no annual support fees for our Case Management System. This alone saves our clients thousands of dollars every year.

Henschen & Associates was the first in the State of Ohio to...

  • Offer court e-Payments (payments taken online)
  • Submit BMV data via the internet
  • Provide documents and images linked to case information online
  • Embed photos into MS Word and WordPerfect from case files
  • Install a Paperless Court (Garfield Heights Municipal Court)
  • Use laptops in Police cruisers to issue citations with court interface
  • Provide online marriage applications

Benefits of Henschen & Associates Software Packages

  • NO annual fees on the Case Management System
  • User-friendly interface
  • Character, Windows and Web-based applications
  • Complete training by our highly qualified support staff
  • Expert in-house technical support staff (Help Desk)
  • Systems are customized to meet the Court's specific requirements
  • Seamless sharing of data and case information
  • Improved workflow and workload management
  • Easy form and report generation
  • Reliable and State audited financial reporting system
  • Document imaging with redaction capability
  • OCN Compliant (Ohio Court Network)
  • Electronic agency reporting - BMV, BCI, etc.

Knowledgeable Support Staff

Our Professional staff has 2 to 30+ years of experience in court operation and administration. This allows us to design, program, and install information systems from the "inside-out". Our qualified staff is able to give complete support and training via telephone, Internet, or on-site. It has always been important to us that our clients are always able to talk to a real person for support. The average tenure of employees of Henschen & Associates is 12.5 years, so we have plenty of experience in solving whatever IT issues you may face.